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Haiku, Waves

Sun on your Skin

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(no subject)
Haiku, Waves
Wow, it certainly has been quite a while. I'm still alive though. More or less. Sucked up in my studies / job, as usual. Hardly any time left for a personal life, but I'm managing. I wouldn't be me if I weren't constantly busy doing something, anything, right? But it's okay, in a way I like acting like a workaholic. Sitting around doing nothing makes me lazy and unhappy, so as long as I have a purpose, I'll be fine. And man, do the professors hand me purposes.
I'm still studying Spanish and right now I'm taking Guerra Civil & Literatura, which basically treats the Spanish Civil War (1936-'39) and the way it's been studied in (mostly modernday) literature and film. As a bookfanatic, I obviously find all this quite interesting, and am planning to write my bachelor's thesis on the subject. Still haven't got any specific thoughts about a topic though, so any help is welcome! ;) What I do know, though, is that I'd like to just analize a couple of novels (preferrably recent, though I'll make an exception for writers like Carmen Laforet). I'm not that into having to travel the country investigating stuff, and analizing novels is something that, generally, you can do sitting in a comfy chair, having a cup of tea.
The other course I'm taking this quarter is Introduction to Islam, which obviously has nothing to do with anything spanish for that matter. But Utrecht University has this system in which students, aside from their Major, have to take a number of courses that really make no sense at all looking at the rest of their subjects. They really don't care what you do, hell, I could've taken astrophysics! But I decided to do something at least somewhat useful with that spare space, and learn a bit more about that religion the whole world seems so terrified of for the last couple years. And it's really very interesting! Some heavy discussions going on in class, as well ;)
For the rest, I'm fine. During the summer holidays I've been working at Etos, and am still doing that on saturdays. Depending on whom I work with, it can be great fun. Also still single, or actually, again. Have been dating a guy over summer, but broke up with him, because I just didn't really know what I wanted and, in a way, still don't. Feelings are complicated. *sighs*
And as you've undoubtedly noticed, I've switched to english. Just because I feel like it. I'm sure there'll still be the occasional rant in dutch (or spanish, for that matter) though, but I think that for now english is convenient.
Anyway, enough with the boringness, I think everyone's about up to date now. From corrieke, a meme!

1. List 7 habits/facts/odd things that characterise you.
2. Tag 7 other people.
3. Don't tag the person who tagged you first and don't say 'Whoever wants to do this'.

1. I suck at planning.

2. I’m a big people-pleaser. Consecuence: I don’t often have an opinion of my own.

3. I brush my teeth while in the shower.

4. I have a thing for water. From oceans to rainpuddles, water’s by far my favorite element. It calms me somehow.

5. I wish I had one clear talent, in stead of being average at everything I do. Though maybe it’s just a question of daring to have a talent.

6. I’m not the type of person that obsessively idolizes another person, I’m too reasonable (nuchter?) for that. I can, however, become very passionate about an activity or kind of music.

7. I desperately want to live on my own, but I can’t afford it.

I tag: autumnsparkle, _amante, kniek, escapisme, marleenl, mira_ianthe, euforisch.

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And I've got to add this one, the look my niece's face! :')))

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hoera! mijn beurt:P
je hebt in ieder geval een druk leventje.

en de foto's zijn leuk!
met name de laatste:P

Heheh, nogal :p Moet af en toe uitkijken dat ik mezelf niet over de kop werk, maar zolang dat niet gebeurt, vind ik 't wel prima zo ;)

Jaa, haha! XD

oh trouwens, volgensmij was euforisch marlou.
maar die is weer eens geswicht naar mmmm flekkevis;)

Oh oeps, haha, ja dat krijg je als je je zo lang niet meer op LJ vertoont :p Ach ja.

Woot, long time no see!

Oeh, klinken heftig, die vakken! Ik ben erg slecht in het verzinnen van onderwerpen voor scripties (NEE ECHT!), dus ik ben bang dat ik voor weinig inspiratie zal zorgen. Maar je hebt nog even om iets te bedenken!

En die meme, ik zall eens kijken wat voor dingen ik kan verzinnen :D Sluit me in ieder geval helemaal aan bij 1 en 5! Helaas pindakaas.

Leuke foto's, die van die slak is mooi! En dat wiel.

Woah, zie net dat ik niet eens een berichtje heb teruggeschreven :O Lo siento.

Mjaja, 't is echt enorm veel werk, heb zelden zo'n druk blok gehad, terwijl het gewoon lage-niveau vakken zijn :s

En hoera! Elena heeft me niet alleen een complete literatuurlijst gestuurd (incl de artikelen zelf als attachment), maar zelfs een onderzoeksvraag geformuleerd :D Qué bien.


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